Our orchestra consists of dedicated members who graciously give of their time and talents. While primarily an adult group, HSO does have a significant contingent of student members from area Hillsboro high schools. Members receive no compensation but take great pride in knowing they are enriching the lives of their community by exposing them to a wonderful culture of music.

Conductor: Sharon Northe
Associate Conductor: Dr. Mark Perlman

If you are interested in joining HSO, please contact Conductor Sharon Northe at join@hillsborosymphony.org for more information.

At this time, we are especially in need of percussionists.

flute Flute: Mindy Lachner, Linda Pollock
piccolo Piccolo: Mindy Lachner
oboe Oboe : Bob Bruce (principal), Zoe Burridge
clarinet Clarinet: Jenny Krems, Jeffrey Olenick (princaipal)
bassoon Bassoon: Kathy Brown, Christine Underdown
trumpet Trumpet: Robert Bretl, Benjamin Gottschalk, Don Gottschalk (principal), Tomas Rodriguez Jr
french-horn French Horn: Jeff Crosby, David Linson, Harold Pollock (principal), Lisa Zimmerman
trombone Trombone: Jill Craven, Kathy Hoogeboom-Pot, Tiffany Lai (principal), John Northe
tuba Tuba: Wesley Pollock
percussion Percussion: Paula Adams, Felix Lilly, Ryan Roberts, Nancy Thayer

Timpani: Ken Carter

violin-viola Violin I: John Ashcraft — Concertmaster, Rebecca Davis, Charel de la Paz, Sarah Dummer, Charity Glass-Cotta, Arkady Mordkovich, Andrew Shu, Kim Talbot McCoy
violin-viola Violin II: Cheryl Cameron, Rebecca Cook, Hugh Ferguson, Susie Flukinger, Cynthia Fox, Kat Goodbaudy, Laurie Gottschalk (principal), Emmalisa Sparrow Wood, Akiko Takeuchi
violin-viola Viola: Pamela Cassidy (principal), Jamie Hamel, Carla Reitan, Isabelle Uhl, Heather Weaver
cello Cello:Todd Anderson, Anne Brown, Katie Fiddes, Melissa Kirigiti (principal), Kim Robedeau, Jackson Ross, Pam Schossau, Nancy Vink, Kathy Withycombe
bass Bass: Joe Aloia, Shirley Knapp (principal), Sean Stalley, Claire Ward
harp Harp: Judy Krohn
piano Piano: Juan Carlos Gomez
Master of Ceremonies: Bill Goodbaudy

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