Founders of Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra


Stefen Minde, Founding Conductor

“I want to help this orchestra,┬áthese musicians, who play with a tremendous love of music.”

Stefan Minde conducted the Portland Opera from 1970 to 1984 and was a well-known figure in the Pacific Northwest music circles. He conducted the Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra from its beginning in 2001 until 2003. Sharon Northe, who was the associate conductor took the lead role in 2003 and remains the symphony conductor to this date. Mark Perlman stepped in as associate conductor in 2003.

Mike Graves

“I want to see an orchestra where people can have the opportunity to come and be classical musicians.”


Morgan Brown

“We’re much more a cross-cut of the local community.”

Barbra Hanson

“Hillsboro has a cultural identity all its own. This is a tremendous opportunity, both for the musicians and for the community.”

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