Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra performed its debut concert November 16, 2001. Less than 30 musicians arrived for that September rehearsal not knowing who would be conducting or what music they would be playing in just two short months.

What brought this amateur group together was a shared passion for playing music. HSO was formed to give amateur musicians from throughout Washington County a place to perform, and give the county a community orchestra to hear.

The Orchestra, which is open to all interested musicians, includes players from high school age to retirement with diverse backgrounds including physicians, engineers, retirees, stay at home Moms all with one common thread: the passion for playing symphonic music.

The newly organized HSO performed publicly for free at Thomas Middle School under the direction of conductor Stefan Minde. Although the audience was small, it was the beginning of what is now an ever growing community orchestra 65 members strong. Since that initial concert, HSO has continued to perform a series of three concerts a year: a Fall, Winter, and Spring program offering local musicians and community members an affordable way to appreciate a variety of symphonic music and enhance the cultural experiences available in the Washington County area. All of the HSO musicians share a passion for playing and performing, however, most would not have the opportunity otherwise as players volunteer their time and talents; while needing to keep their daytime jobs.

Past Symphony Logos

Through the years our logo has taken on different shapes. In the original design, the audience voted in the name Pizzicato Pete for the conductor’s name. In 2006 a design contest was established and the winning design, by Leisha Huskey, continues to be our current logo.

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